Hiking has become a hobby to many people, because it doesn't only let you discover nature up close, but is also relaxing and helps escape the stress of everyday life.

That's why hiking is not only popular among senior citizens but is also being rediscovered by families and younger people. 84% of all Germans aged 18-74 do go for a hike occasionally or even more often than that.

The Hunsrück is covered in forests, has over 1000 km of signposted hiking trails, excellent fresh air and a long history of settlement, therefore provides perfect conditions for hiking.

Hiking doesn't have to be boring for children. Integrated nature trails, deer preserves, climbing tours over old rampart systems or viewpoints, numerous creeks, caves and catacombs, playgrounds modeled around historical role models, lots of places suited for picnics and barbecues and much more offer great experiences for our younger visitors.