Schinderhannes Festival

In 1988 the local communtiy of Herrstein decided to arrange another market besides the other two traditional markets. This market is supposed to meet the standards of the historical town at German Gemstone Route's special flair.

This marked the birth of the Schinderhannes Festival which takes places on every second weekend of September and is famous even outside of the region.

More than 100 artists, craftsmen and farmers present their profession and offer their goods in the style of the time of Schinderhannes. They draw thousands of people to the scenic town, put life into the small alleys and carry you back to the good old days. The potters, toy makers, bookbinders, soap boilers, basket makers, shoe makers, dress makers, wood carver, glass blowers and many more historic professions are represented besides the farmers offering their fragrant wood stove bread, cheese, homemade sausages, jam, honey, oils, juices and fruit, smoked fish, potatoes, vegetables and juicy fruits to enchant the visitors with the plenty of nature.

In between them there are minstrels, buffoons, imposters and fire eaters entertaining you with chant and various tricks throughout the 2 days of the market. The Schinderhannes and his brigand band, who gave the market its name, will also entertain the crowd with adventurous tales from his life staged with music and acted scenes.

Especially children love the festival, because they get the chance to shoot with bows and arrows, forge silver and knives, learn how to felt something and discover many puppeteers all over the place.

Even witches and magicians are walking abroad inside the old alleys and buildings. Visiting the dungeon in which Schinderhannes was imprisoned at night with torches and a huge fire spectacle on the market place are the highlights of the festival.

Comfortable taverns offer knight spits, Sauzipfel (local dish), cream flat bread, sausages, wine and other local specialities for relaxing evenings.

People from far and wide come to Herrstein to see this „most beautiful market in Rhineland Palatinate“ the Schinderhannes Festival has become.

Information at or at the market administration (Phone: 06785-7534)