Guided Tours

Tours through the historical town of Herrstein

Take a journey into the past and experience the middle ages firsthand! How did people live and work back then? You can find the answer to this and many other questions in front of and behind the facades, on market places, at wells and creeks. You can learn even more from our guides, who will let you into the secrets of the region.  You will find out everything about medieval life in a village of the Hunsrück. The clock tower, the castle, the church, the town wall icluding the moat, the belfry and the „Schinderhannes“-tower, the guard's walkway and many more sights will be stops of your voyage of discovery.

Tours: May – October, Thursdays 4:30 pm, Saturdays 2:30 pm, starting at the clock tower
Duration time of the tours: 1,5 hours
Price: adults 3,00 €, children (aged 6-16) 1,50€
Group tours: dates by arrangement
Subsequent coffee break including cake (only by request, extra charge)
Group prices: up to 40 persons 60,00€, more than 40 persons (with one guide) 100,00€

Schinderhannes tour including wine tasting

The handcuffs are still hanging at the pillory, the bed in jail seems as if someone had just left Herrstein following the traces of the notorious Schinderhannes and his brigand band. The Schinderhannes tour guides you along the guard's walkway to the tower, which once served as prison of the bandit chief for one night. But be on your guard! It is said that the band is still up to mischief in the small alleys of the town... After the tour you will be enjoying the evening with a wine tasting including some hearty cheese and bread.

Guided tour through the historical town's centre (including a surprise), wine tasting with 4 sorts of wine (special time for children) alongside with bread and cheese

Dates: July 15th, August 5th, August 26st 2016
All Fridays, starting at 7 pm
Start of tour at the pillory (in front of the townhall)

Price per person: adults 12,50€, children 7,50€

Hint: before the tour, vitalize yourself with some homemade potatoe soup (dinner at 6 pm)
Price of the Schinderhannes tour including soup, sausages and bread: adults 18,50€, children 13,50€

Fiery Herrstein – Torch tour through the historical centre

Medieval Buildings, dim alleys and strange shadows on the walls of rustic houses. At nightfall, the medieval atmosphere of Herrstein comes back to life. Explore the medieval town with a torch in your hand. Inside the historical forge you will discover how red-hot iron and steel are processed in the traditional way. Or you'll learn for example how minerals emerged from hot magma in the geological museum.

Torch tour through the historical town's centre of Herrstein, 30 minute presentation inside the forge or 30 minute guided tour through the geological museum.
Dates for single persons:
With forge presentation: September 9th, October 7th, October 14th 2016
With guided tour throuh the museum: November 25th  2016
All Fridays starting at 7 pm
Price per person: adults 6,00€, children 4,00€
Group tours: dates by arrangement (possible all year round)
Group prices:
With forge presentation: 1-40 persons 89,00€
With museum tour: 1-20 persons 84,00€
If requested you can have some mulled wine afterwards (extra charge)

Geführte Wanderung auf der Traumschleife „Mittelalterpfad“

So., 26.04.2015, Uhrzeit 14.00 bis ca. 18.00 Uhr
Erwandern Sie den Mittelalterpfad zusammen mit unserem Wanderführer, der Interessantes zu Land und Leuten zu berichten weiß. Durch das mittelalterliche Herrstein folgen Sie dem Weg durch den Wald, über weitläufige Felder und genießen die herrliche Landschaft. Schließlich geht es zurück nach Herrstein, wo Sie den Nachmittag bei „Omas gefüllten Klößen“ gemütlich ausklingen lassen.
Treffpunkt: Eingangsportal des Mittelalterpfades (Bachweg) in Herrstein (Parkplätze: Großparkplatz Brühlstraße)
Wanderung: ca. 8,5 km, ca. 4 Stunden, anschl. Einkehr
Preis/Person: 9,00 € / Person (inkl. 1 gefüllter Kloß mit Speckrahmsauce und Apfelmus)
Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 7 Personen
Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 20 Personen
Feste Schuhe und witerungsangepasste Kleidung sind notwendig

Guided tour along the Medieval Path

Hike along the Medieval Path together with our guide, who will tell you interesting facts about the area and the people living there. Right after crossing the medieval Herrstein you'll follow the trail through the woods, spacious fields and can enjoy the marvelous landscape. Toward the end, you will get back to Herrstein, where you can end the day eating homemade stuffed dumplings (a popular local dish).
Meeting point: entrance portal of the Medieval Path in Herrstein (Parking spaces: Brühlstraße)
The hike: ca. 8.5 kilometres, about 4 hours, afterwards stopping at an inn
Price per person: 9,00€ (including 1 stuffed dumpling with bacon cream sauce and applesauce)
Minimum number of participants: 7 persons
Maximum number of participants: 20 persons
Walking shoes and clothes suited for the weather are highly recommended